Welcome to Sustainable Voorhees

Sustainable Voorhees is a collaborative network of local business leaders, civic minded community groups, and individual residents who are committed to making Voorhees Township a more sustainable place to live and work. We are an extension of the Township’s municipal government focused on sustainability planning, education, and the implementation of innovative projects that positively impact the quality of our lives now and into the future.

Sustainability, simply put, refers to our ability to sustain ourselves, our community, and the natural resources on which we depend (like clean air and water) for our day-to-day survival. Sustainability recognizes the need for us to move away from using resources in an inefficient and wasteful way and instead move toward a smarter way of doing business. It also recognizes the important links between social well-being, economic prosperity, and environmental health.

Sustainable Voorhees seeks to educate, inspire, and motivate neighbors to take action to live more sustainably both individually and collectively. Our vision is an inclusive, balanced, prosperous Voorhees Township for this and future generations. If you are interested in clean energy, green building, resource management, or any other sustainability issue, we at Sustainable Voorhees invite you to join us as we work to find ways to engage the entire community in a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Natural Step and Sustainability

Mission Statement

Sustainable Voorhees is committed to fostering a socially responsible citizenry, protecting the health of the environment, and building a strong local economy by collaborating with the residents, schools, businesses, and government of Voorhees Township to promote and implement sustainable practices.