The Sustainable Voorhees members you find in this directory are local residents, community leaders, and business representatives who are committed to quality of life in our area. Each strives to improve sustainable practices for the benefit of our community, economy, and environment. They work in partnership; collaborating to benefit the common good.

If you share their interests and would like to make a difference, we encourage you to contact Sustainable Voorhees and join our team.
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Member NameContact or Website
Member NameContact or Website
Edward Hale Co-Chairperson/Green Team  
Judson Goldsborough Co-Chairperson/Green Team  
Bryan Quigley Green Team 
Dmitry Cherkassky Green Team  
Fredrik Khayati Green Team  
Lawrence Spellman Green Team 
Linda Cherkassky  Green Team  
Marianne Leone Green Team 
Natalie Sutherland Green Team 
Ronda Urkowitz  Green Team  
Valerie Brown Green Team  
Showing 11 items
Sustainable Voorhees,
Jun 22, 2015, 2:34 PM